What can we offer?  
Solitary sculpting products
Our opuka is popular arts and crafts to solitary works of art in the garden, entrance atrium, landscaping, etc. The structure is very easy to adjust the impressive works of art. Due to its low weight can be a solitary these products easily transported to their destination.
Sculptural products
Our opuka due to its softness, elasticity and weight with a beautiful velvety gray-white to golden color is popular throughout the European level, especially for the more artistic treatment. It is very easy to edit professional craftsmen and art sculptor. Our company can offer you a wide range follows artistically processed stone for decorative use both indoors and outdoors.
Building stone
In Bohemia, built of slate since the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by a number of well-preserved Romanesque buildings. Also the oldest sculptural monuments in our country have been created just for this material. Our company offers you argillite construction aggregates in different sizes according to the customer either sorted on pallets or in bulk.
Facing a masonry material
Dzban opuka offers many different variations of processing tile and masonry elements. Our operations directly from our quarry offers a primary and direct supplier of a wide range of products of this type. As the cornerstone of preparing ourselves we are able to accommodate and process the stone according to your requirements and wishes.
Artistic treatment marl
As has been said a special thanks to the nature of our slate is often sought out for artistic treatment. We are able to offer a gallery and artwork from leading Czech sculptors including signatures. These works will find their place in a highly representative installations both indoors and outdoors.
Garden accessories
We also produce various decorative elements to the exterior to give your garden a touch of uniqueness. Gutters, troughs, decorative cushions, etc. These elements are very popular especially among cottagers who form their garden-style affordable rural estates. The big advantage over the old originals is lower purchase price. After several years on the outdoor habitat are so indistinguishable from centuries of precious originals. All products can personally inspect the premises of our quarry in Třeboc Rakovníka.
Decorative building elements
Decorative building elements are used as various borders, wedges, etc. to illustrate the construction joints and transitions. Some can be seen right here in the area of ​​the quarry. But we are able to manufacture and deliver any other of your ideas and make them out to be either your photos or drawings.

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