Mining company spongilit PP s.r.o.  
Company spongilit PP s.r.o. is a Czech company engaged in the mining of marl – stone and gravel, operating on the Czech market since its founding in 1993. In our own quarry Třeboc in Hředle we deal with the extraction of marl stone and sand pit in Horana at Poříčany the extraction and sale of gravel. Marl extraction is performed by surface mining, the material is mined with the help of mining machinery. Stone is sold to customer and offered kinds of material are very easily adjusted by professional craftsmen. It is well known that the limestone, due to its color, texture and malleability is of the most sought after in Europe which is confirmed by interest of mainly foreign clientele  
  Unique Dzban opuka - European leader  
  light, porous stone, bright white, irregularly colored with iron impurities in yellow, ocher to brown.  
Dzban is a geomorphological unit in Berounka River system. It is situated in the central and northern part of the Czech Republic approximately between Louny , Salty , Kladno , Townsville and Žatec Dzban are characterized by extensive plateaus separated by deep and wide valleys . The plateau are covered by 3-12 m thick marl layer. Opuka is hard, but lying on a soft (probably Permian ) sandstones . Area pitcher is interesting for its single geological structure . The bedrock of the Upper Permian Carboniferous here were created layers of claystone , marl and sandstone , mostly striking red color, which during the Mesozoic settled at the bottom of the Cretaceous sea. Sandstone , claystone , marl and spongilit that shapes the peak board are usually stored horizontally rocks of the Upper Cretaceous . The structure of this particular mountain so here allowed the extraction of soft , ductile and relatively light stone with a beautiful velvety gray-white to golden color, this special stone is just opuka ( spongilit ) .  
  Opuka was once very popular and sought after building material. It was easily formable and machine in regular quadrics. Buildings constructed of slate were left deliberately exposed brick that stand out for their beauty and just in the region under Dzban form these structures typical component of local folk architecture. Opuka was also a classic building material Romanesque churches, monasteries and palaces and also found use in sculpture. From local slate were also built in Prague and the name "Golden Prague" was derived specifically for its golden color.  
  The opuka is built in the Czech Republic since the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by a number of well-preserved Romanesque buildings. Also the oldest sculptural monuments in our country have been created just for this material. And even though it was opuka in later times pushed stronger and more resistant sandstone, its importance in folk architecture retains to this day. Beautiful proof as opulent estates and even simple houses in the villages Hředle, Mutějovice or Kounov in Rakovnicko, mostly built of irregular blocks of marl. The facades of these buildings is fundamentally neomítají, which gives them a completely unique look, in which most stands out the beauty of the stone. This specific architecture marl its austere but extremely impressive rendition is not unprecedented in the Czech Republic and acts as aesthetically beautiful buildings that we know mainly from the Mediterranean where it is not used limestone.
  Our stone has been used in many implementations, such as the Mercedes headquarters in Prague 4 For other examples of realizations visit our headquarters. For easy workability of our stone, our material is also suitable for sculptors and artists. Some products that have been created are placed in the gallery Townsville and also at the registered office of the company. Our opuka due to its měkosti, malleability and a vase with a beautiful silky gray-white to golden color is popular throughout the European level, especially for the more artistic treatment. It is very easy to edit professional craftsmen and art sculptor.  


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